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    Who else have you applied to for monies and when is their decision expected?:

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    If successful, please indicate who the cheque should be made payable to and the address to which it should be sent.
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    It would be helpful if you could indicate how you heard of the Sir Peter Seaman Charity.

    Supporting files

    Evidence of financial situation (ie bank statement, proof of income)

    Evidence of cost of specific items or expenses

    If applying for educational grant, evidence of your place on the course

    I have read and understood the grant application guidelines:

    Unless urgent, applications are considered four times a year.

    All applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application.

    The Great Hospital collects and processes personal data relating to applications for residency and is committed to being transparent about how it collects, stores and uses that data and in meeting its data protection obligations under data protection legislation including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please read our privacy notice for residency applicants for further information on how and why we collect and use your personal information, both during and after the application process. This can be found HERE