Code of Good Practice

CGA-GHN-0027The Great Hospital Code of Good Practice is designed to make all staff aware of the principles under which activities should be conducted. All staff should ensure that they adhere to these guidelines when going about their day to day business.

Equal Opportunities

To offer equal opportunities and fair treatment to all residents and to staff in accordance with the Great Hospital Equal Opportunities Policy.

Rights of the Individual

To recognise, respect and safeguard the individuality and personal rights of each resident and to encourage residents to accept this same responsibility towards each other.


To understand and respect the confidentiality of knowledge and information relating to individual residents and the Great Hospital.


To facilitate independence and the well-being of residents both as individuals and within the group as a whole.


To be sensitive and impartial in the delivery of services.


To understand the roles of significant people in the lives of residents such as relatives, friends and service providers and to work effectively with them.


To act always with honesty and integrity, ensuring that vocational responsibility is never sacrificed for personal interest.


To establish and maintain high personal standards of performance and to accept the need for continuing training and self-development.


To carry out all duties in a courteous manner, respecting the dignity and sensitivities of all residents, staff and visitors.


To ensure that duties are carried out in accordance with Great Hospital’s policies and procedures and to accept responsibility to contribute to the review of those procedures.