Statement regarding coronavirus

Updated: 16 May 2022 

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wellbeing of our residents and staff are our number one priority.  With this in mind, we have in place a comprehensive contingency plan which responds to the ongoing threat of coronavirus.

This is our guidance and these are the protocols we ask everyone to follow in order to keep safe.



Visitors to Prior Court (our extra care and supported living accommodation) are required to have a negative lateral flow test which we are happy to provide for you if you are unable to complete one before your visit.

If you require a lateral flow test, please ask a member of the Care Team to assist you by ringing the doorbell at Prior Court. Our staff may check and register your test result.

The Master has the right to withdraw a permission that is given to visit the Great Hospital site at any time without notice if she considers our residents or our staff are being put at risk.


All visitors must comply with the following requirements:

If you are displaying symptoms of coronavirus, you must not enter the Great Hospital site.

Washing Hands. We ask all to wash their hands thoroughly before they visit the Great Hospital. Wash for a minimum of 20 seconds, using hot water, soap or a minimum of 60% alcohol sanitiser gel. Sanitiser stations are set up at entry points to the grounds and buildings and you should use one of these on your arrival.

We reserve the right to take your temperature and provide you with additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) if we deem it necessary.


Communication & Technology

We are set up for video calling through WhatsApp for residents to keep in touch with their loved ones who are unable to visit. More details are available by contacting us on 01603 622022.


Protecting our Residents and Staff

Our staff are trained in infection control and on the identification of COVID-19. We have a clear process should a resident or member of staff show any symptoms.

If a resident is showing symptoms, we will follow medical advice and move the resident into safe quarantine. Only after receiving confirmation of a negative screening for COVID-19 will we welcome them back into the community. The resident will be cared for using stringent infection control practices and with the correct and appropriate level of (PPE) until we are confident that they are not infectious.


Confirmation of a Case(s)

Should the Great Hospital be impacted by a case of COVID-19, our residents will receive a letter to inform them that a case has been detected. The communication will outline our process to ensure safety.


Residents’ Wellbeing

Of vital importance to the welfare of our residents is a programme of social, physical, mental and spiritual activities and events. Often, we may use external groups to provide these services to our residents. However, should we feel the risk is too high, we will stop these activities and events.


Keeping Up-to-date

We strive to communicate new information as and when appropriate. If you need clarification on any of the measures and protocols we have in place, please do not hesitate to contact the Care Supervisor, Anne Johnson.