The Great Hospital, situated in Bishopgate in the City of Norwich, is an unincorporated association, founded in 1249 by Walter de Suffield, Bishop of Norwich.

The Great Hospital is a registered charity (number 211953), governed by a Scheme of the Charity Commissioners dated 12 January 1983 (as subsequently amended). It is a registered social landlord with the Regulator of Social Housing and also registered by the Care Quality Commission as a provider of domiciliary care.

A Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the Great Hospital. The Board of Trustees elects new Trustees who have the knowledge and experience to ensure that there is an appropriate mix of skills to meet the needs of the Charity. The Trustees meet quarterly.

Different aspects of the work of the Great Hospital are regulated by three external statutory bodies, the Charity Commission, the Regulator of Social Housing and the Care Quality Commission. In addition, Historic England has formal oversight of the management of the heritage buildings which are of national and international significance. The Great Hospital is also a member of The Almshouse Association.

The Master/Chief Executive has the delegated authority to manage the Charity within the terms of the Scheme and in accordance with agreed policies and budgets.

Connected Charities

There are two connected Charities, Preacher’s Charity (registered number 212127) and Sir Peter Seaman’s Charity (registered number 311101). With the consent of the Charity Commission, these Charities are known as the ‘Small Church Charities’. The Trustees of the Great Hospital are also Trustees of both of these Charities and both are managed by the Master/ Chief Executive in accordance with the various schemes.